I don’t think anyone could say with a straight face that $arah Palin is any paragon of virtue. And it’s become old hat to point out her inconsistencies and outright fabrications. There’s simply too many. But this just takes the cake.

I think this speaks to the same sort of selfishness and self-loathing that these closeted politicians have when they spend their time working against equality and then get busted coming out of a gay bar at 3 in the morning with a young, male… ahem… friend. They are so wrapped up in a facade of morality trying to protect their appearances that they lash out at those who seem to have the freedom that they themselves do not possess. In the case of $arah Palin, it’s more of a ‘do as I say, not as I do’ sort of phenomenon.

I have a friend from Canada who broke his leg skateboarding while in the states. He told the ambulance driver to take him over the border (as he was close enough to do that) for treatment because he knew how ridiculous our system is, especially for foreigners. I am reminded of this anecdote simply because he an Sarah share the same knowledge: the US health care system is BS and Canada’s “socialism” is a much more equitable solution. The difference is that my buddy isn’t actively trying to stop anyone from reforming the system by telling them how awful Canada is.

$arah is some sort of singular political phenomenon. She is like Dan Quayle, Snooki, Father McLaughlin and Paris Hilton all rolled into one. I don’t think there’s a force in the universe powerful enough to make her go away; her macabre theater feeds on attention, good or bad, and it is so outrageous that even those of us that can plainly see that she is bat-shit insane keep paying attention. The point when American politics decides that she should be mocked and derided cannot come fast enough, if it ever will.

Update: So it turns out, she may not have taken advantage of the health care system in Canada. That said, it’s still a bone-headed comment to make because she obviously treats the current predicament as some sort of “ironic” joke.


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