Hypocrisy Burger, Hold The Government.

Well, it seems there is a ruffle in the hen house when the shoe is on the other foot, if you’ll allow me to mix metaphors. Once again, we see the “good for me, not for thee” mentality among strict conservatives. Of course it’s fine for government to intrude on someone’s personal life if it involves gays or a uterus. But when it is a god-fearin’, All-American, white bred wedding we’re talking about, well then hold the phone! This is sanctity we’re taking about. A sacred bond as old as civilization itself. A ritual so sacrosanct that no socialist, fascist, communist Muslim government has any business sticking its grubby hands in! Unless we’re using government to tell people they can’t have it. One has to wonder if there’s some point at which at least a few followers stop and think, “wait a minute. That doesn’t make any sense.” Alas, it is probably not to be.

So, sure, require a one-hour counseling session with the good Dr. Coburn at the C Street House and we’ll just see if that marriage lasts longer than some dirty fag thing. In fact, it seems all the instances where more and better government could actually help (say, health care or Wall St.) are anathema to conservatives. They don’t see one single good thing (well, they say so until the federal check stops being signed) about government unless it’s keeping gays safe from equality, keeping women safe from their own bodies, and keeping other countries safe from autonomy.


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