Beware Strangers Bearing Gifts.

So, the GOP is doling out “helpful” advice to Democratic House members about their vote for the Senate HCR bill. How collegial of them. Were I a congressperson, I might think twice about the opposition’s advice on how to vote and how that might play in my district. I mean, it’s not like the Republicans have ever been disengenuous about HCR up to this point, right? To take the words of Republicans as genuine is like trusting Ted Bundy to babysit your teen.

The bottom line is that, once passed, people are going to see that the sky hasn’t fallen and some aspects of our health care system will have actually gotten better. I’m willing to bet that even some constituents in tough Blue Dog districts might even change their mind about how horrible HCR is when they start seeing some of the benefits. Democrats haven’t been true fighters since the 40s but I’m truly shocked to see what pantywaists they really are. This is fairly bush-league reverse psychology. If Dems can’t figure that out for themselves, all the reasonable commentary in the world won’t change it.Of course, nothing needs to be said about the Blue Dogs; they’re going to be jackasses no matter what.

Democrats need to realize that people are apt to support them a hell of a lot more if they think they’re actually standing up for something other than campaign contributions. People like it when you stand up for something. Voting on legislation because of principle and not because of re-election. What a concept. I’m fairly sure we used to call that leadership.


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