So Much ‘For Getting It Right’

A few days ago, I cautiously praised the voters in TX for rejecting a far-right member of the Board of Education in the primary election. Well, it appears that the caution was well placed. So, because the textbook economy simply can’t do without the giant orders from Texas and California (and California is otherwise occupied), textbooks across the country are set to enumerate the virtues of Newt Gingrich, Phyllis Schlafly, Milton Friedman and Joe McCarthy. These are the true American heroes, people, not weirdo atheist commies like Thomas Jefferson. Also, did you know that many Republicans voted in favor of civil rights?

Things proceed swimmingly for the dumbing down of our country. This is the kind of lunacy that makes me really happy to see rumblings about federal school standards. If the loons on the Texas BoE want to make their students into fools, let them. Just don’t let them do it to the rest of the country by monetary blackmail.


One Response to “So Much ‘For Getting It Right’”

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