More Good News

So, Oklahoma State Sen. Steve Russell doesn’t want the feds sniffing around any of his gay-bashing preacher buddies. Sure, fine. The first assumption is that he’s just an idiotic tea-bagger, right? Well, in an effort to up the levels of  unbelievability currently making the rounds in our country, he also freely admits to trying to concoct a scheme whereby he gets to take federal  grant money that is earmarked for prosecuting hate crimes while still disallowing federal investigation of hate crimes. That’s more evil chutzpah than any one asshole is entitled to. Luckily, he had 38 friends in the legislature to help him out, and now his perverse evisceration of the bill makes its way to the OK house.

I don’t know on which planet the Sooner State spends most of its time lately, but it’d be nice to see her come back to Earth sometime this century.


2 Responses to “More Good News”

  1. I have been reading your blogs and I find It interesting, I know I am just a “stupid okie” but I am trying to learn since I have been oblivious in the past on politics, but i actually agree with what you are preaching these days. But please tell me what a “teabagger” is besides when a man dips his balls in someones mouth.

    • Wow. Thanks, Crystal! You would be the last person I thought would be reading, although not because I think you’re a “stupid Okie.” The fact that you can see the inanity of these people starting to show proves that. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t think Okies are stupid; after all, I’m one. Seriously though, I truly believe that many Oklahomans have been dumbed down through a lack of education in the state and unabashed drumbeat of religiosity and fear coming from their elected “leaders”. The Religious Right and the Oil Lobby took over in OK almost 30 years ago and they’ve turned a truly awesome state into a laughing-stock in much of the country. It’s really, really frustrating because I love Oklahoma. I just hate what they’ve turned it into.

      The “teabagger” thing is actually hilarious. When the Tea Parties started up last year (funded and egged on by Glenn Beck and Dick Armey), their first act of “protest” was to wear tea bags, send them to congressmen, etc. In the movement, TEA stands for Taxed Enough Already (though it’s likely most of these idiots’ taxes went down under Obama), and they proudly hailed them selves as Tea-Baggers, extolling their members to “tea bag your congressman!”. Of course, when people started snickering, they finally looked up what the term meant and now they claim the “Tea Bagger” was invented by the left to try and make fun of them. Make no mistake, they proudly claimed it themselves before somebody pointed them to That they want to point fingers and blame someone else for their own ignorance is par for the course.

      Again, thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy it!

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