Obvious Report is Obvious

Did anyone besides themselves think they were well-informed on the topic? Just think: if they know as much about taxes as the other topics they spout off so much about, including health care reform, evolution, or global warming, how can we afford not to take their opinions seriously?

For any new readers, and possibly some old ones, what I just employed was a fun rhetorical trick called sarcasm. It sometimes serves to highlight irony which, of course, is defined by a bunch of loud-mouth tax protesters who don’t know the first thing about taxes.


4 Responses to “Obvious Report is Obvious”

  1. Most of us have been paying taxes for over 40 years. Nobody is an expert on taxes, not even IRS agents who make mistakes on the ever changing congressional laws. What we do know is that congress has spent the surplus money we have paid for social security to receive retirement income. Of course, OOPS, the 2.5 trillion congress has “borrowed” from social security deposits can’t be replaced! Too bad, so sad for us that have been taxed and taxed. Now we are being promised that the extra taxes and fees being collected for health care will be held for future benefits! Sound familiar? Social Security was supposed to be funded the same way, until congress spent money on earmark pet projects for important studies on bat migration or Jihad Artists.

  2. SS is funded for those that are retired by those that work. It’s not a hedge fund. It was never meant to be a total retirement package; rather it was meant to make sure seniors weren’t thrown out on the street if they didn’t have any other retirement saved up. I’ll agree that the rates should be adjusted and the liability needs to be addressed… but are you suggesting that we just get rid of social security?

    “Taxed and taxed.” Did you read the article? You pay ridiculously low taxes in this country. If we want to be honest about the services we use and the promises we make to our citizens, taxes need to go up, especially on those that more than they could ever need. That’s the price of living in a free society: things aren’t really free. Should we just pay no taxes at all? I think Somalia might be the tax-free paradise you’re seeking.

  3. You ignore the obvious so I must let you see what you want to ignore. 2.5 trillion dollars deposited for social security have been spent on everything but social security benefits. Get the picture? Now that the funds are needed, too bad. The funds for health care are being collected in advance to fund the expense of health care. They will spend the money collected on anything they want, and solemnly announce that the healthcare will cost more. Have fun with your future. I don’t care if you want to be an indentured servant of the state.

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