The Hopey-Changey Thing’s Working Out Fine

We needed 216; we got 219. So, after a year of unabashed stupidity, obfuscation, fear-mongering, and outright lying, we finally get a modest reform of the individual insurance market. Surely, May 5th farms are just around the corner. Now, the really funny part is going to be watching heads explode on Fox News, Mitt Romney trying to pretend that his MA health plan is totally different than the one just passed, and John Mccain “threatening” to not cooperate on any other legislation this year. That last one is especially tickling because, as you may well know, they HAVEN’T COOPERATED ON ANYTHING UNTIL NOW ANYWAY! We can surely look forward to the comedy gold of redneck teabaggers trying even harder to not look racist when the next issue tackled is immigration reform! Yay! If yelling “nigger” and faggot” passed for mature behavior during HCR, I can’t wait for the anti-immigrant rallies!

Actually, though this is undoubtedly a big win for the Dems and a huge (modest?) improvement for American health care, it really has an anti-climactic feel. I mean, we all knew the Blue Dogs weren’t coming along, although the list of 34 “No” names is interesting. In any event, it’s all over now but the crying and since it’s only Monday, you know we’re in for some major-league crying. I just wanted to offer my two cents and say congrats to the Dem Leadership: it wasn’t pretty but you got it done.


4 Responses to “The Hopey-Changey Thing’s Working Out Fine”

  1. reading some of the post-vote American blogs has been incredibly entertaining. Many have just been ridiculous “OMG SOCIALISM IS HERE!!!”.

  2. It’s pretty insane that there is so much gnashing of teeth over providing a modicum of reform to the health care system. These 25%ers are going to give themselves an aneurysm!

  3. honeybadger Says:

    Local news in Oklahoma, trying to not be too obviously biased, is acting like Hitler just came to power and now states rights is gonna be a pissing match.

  4. All these states’ attorneys’ general that are planning on challenging the bill with lawsuits better hurry up. People are going to be learning how this bill helps them and repealing it is going to become less and less popular. It was easy to lie about it when it wasn’t passed, but now it’s a matter of learning about its actual provisions, which people have to do by necessity.

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