Bibi Won’t Back Down

Benjamin Netanyahu addressed AIPAC yesterday and dug in his heels about proposed settlements in East Jerusalem. Though it is a little jarring to hear him so at odds with statements from Biden and Clinton, it is entirely not surprising. The right in Israel takes for granted the land they keep expanding into, Palestinians be damned. Obviously, building even more housing in disputed territory is not good for the peace process, but there’s something about this particular announcement, along with Netanyahu’s rhetoric, that seems a little more antagonistic than usual.

As to Biden and Clinton’s denouncements, I want to hear more. I think there is plenty of room to criticize Israel’s decisions without falling into the cliched trap of antisemitism. I believe the days of unfettered and unquestioning support for Israel are over, which is a good thing. Allowing two different sets of rules for the same game does us no favors, either in the Israel/Palestine conflict or in the broader Middle East. The more western leaders are willing to call out Israel for deliberately provocative and unnecessary actions, the more their untouchable veneer is wiped away. I thought the Dubai assassination would be the straw that broke the camel’s back, but it appears we have a long way to go before Israel’s behavior is treated on equal footing with the rest of the world.


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  1. […] friend about the recent flare-up over proposed new settlements in Jerusalem. Benjamin Netanyahu has dug himself in over the row and has been openly defiant of US calls for compromise. I expressed disbelief that all […]

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