Si Usted No Sabía

There seems to have been two rallies on capitol hill yesterday. One was a few hundred white people who wanted to yell epithets at people and one was much bigger and browner.


3 Responses to “Si Usted No Sabía”

  1. Señora López Says:

    Yeah, I’m a bit frustrated, (understatement of the year), by the mainstream media’s decision to focus on the racist Teabaggers while more or less ignoring a historical moment which may have been a modern day Latino version of MLK’s March on Washington. I E-mailed CNN, (who I expect better from), to express my displeasure but I doubt it will do a bit of good.

  2. I know you won’t but don’t give up hope! Crowds of that size can’t be ignored forever. At some point, the voices just carry too far on the wind to be overlooked. ¡Sí se puede!

  3. Fired up! … Ready to go! 🙂

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