So, Which Parts?

If Republicans are backtracking this fast on the bill signed yesterday, this is going to be a fun November. I have a feeling that the dynamics of the election year conventional wisdom are going to be upended. The linked post has a fun little guide to the statements that have come out from some of the nuttiest members of the right, so I’ll let you just go check them out yourself. Suffice to say that despite opposing the thing in any way shape or form and, once it passed, vowing to campaign on a full repeal because it’s such a bad/socialist/fascist idea, there are some parts that are actually helpful! Those are the parts Republicans have always supported!

I know it’s pretty insane for me to hope that the media might be interested in pointing out some of this rank hypocrisy. I mean, it took them almost a year to wise up to the “bash-and-cash” tomfoolery and, even now, there have been very little repercussions from it. I’m not really one for wild conspiracy theories, so I’m not willing to say for sure that’s it’s simply a corporate-owned media at fault. In fact, I think it might just be a case of simple ignorance. The news profession used to be a bastion of intelligent critical thinking and truth-seeking; now, not so much. When Liberty U. gives out journalism degrees, then we might have a problem. Looking at it from this standpoint, I think the Republicans are smarter than many give them credit for. They have to know that the blatant cynicism of their actions wouldn’t be tolerated by an informed electorate and they also know that the MSM are certainly not the ones to inform said electorate. So, they simply lie and obfuscate with impunity.

So, when do the young, upstart, online media machines (TPM, Kos, Raw Story, etc.) band together and buy a cable station? I think the public might benefit from a news organization that actually asks Republicans which parts of the bill are the good ideas they’ve supported all along.


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