Like A Cake Out In The Rain

And they’ll never have this recipe again. Actually scratch that. I’m pretty sure this wacked-out kabuki is the only recipe that they know, despite what Chris Dodd says. We’re going to have whine and cake all the way until 2012. I just hope some semblance of sanity and/or responsibility returns before somebody really gets hurt. I have no desire to see a wing-nut martyr or a dead public servant.

Sadly, Mccain is just fine with the language, Boehner doesn’t see a link between words and deeds, and Cantor thinks it’s all the Democrats’ fault. I mean, I know the American public is pretty slow on the uptake but do they really believe that we’re that stupid? Everyone can see who is ‘fanning the flames’, Eric.

The bottom line is that no matter what happens, the bill is law, the fix will sail through the house, and that will be that. Obama gets it. Like most sensible observers, he knows that the reforms are here to stay (and rightfully so) and the recent spate of violence is all a big, over-blown temper tantrum.

The only part that sucks is that the ones throwing the tantrum have giant arsenals and delusions of grandeur. I’m still confident that most Americans don’t think violence has any place in politics and this is all bound to backfire spectacularly for the GOP, whether something bad does go down or not. It’s puzzling how we got this far with no repercussions, but the cake is slowly melting and maybe, just maybe, we’ll get through this as a stronger, better country.


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