It’s About Time

Tucked into the health care bill passed this week are new provisions for student loans in America. It’s really encouraging to see movement on this. Since the average college student graduates with over $19,000 in debt, any effort to tackle the problem is a good one. By cutting out the middle-man private entities, the government seeks to make college more affordable and more accessible for thousands of college bound kids. I never understood why we wasted so much money of subsidizing banks for this job in the first place. The bonus is that Republicans will have a hard time arguing against expanded access to higher education, especially when the new plan is so much cheaper for everyone than the old one.

What’s so silly is that the exact same strategy could have been used for health care if the Republicans would just shut up about socialist Armageddon. Contrary to what the Acolytes of St. Ronnie say, the government generally does things more efficiently and cheaply than the private sector. Hopefully, in the future, we can use demonstrations of success like the student loan program to battle against the ‘government is the problem’ meme that just refuses to die. If people actually trust government because they realize they are government, then perhaps a truly egalitarian America can finally start to emerge. A good start would be excising politicians who think government is a bad thing from governing. If your only purpose in getting elected is to prove that government doesn’t work, maybe it’s time for another profession. I’m crossing my fingers as we speak.


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