What Are The Limits of Ignorance?

In a way, I really feel sorry for the ordinary citizens who are caught up in the Teabagging nonsense. They are unwitting pawns in a power game that is actively working against their own economic self-interest. This poll further confirms that these people don’t understand what they’re angry about and if they would spend some time educating themselves on the issues, they might see that their corporate backers and masters are not looking out for them in the slightest. Fox News, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Dick Armey, and all the rest of the moneyed elite who pull the strings of the Tea Party know that ignorance works in their favor. They’ve done one hell of a job convincing their minions that freedom=corporate welfare. For regular middle class voters to fight to protect corporate interests just proves how successful the misinformation campaign has been.

Piggy-backing on my earlier post, it goes back to the perception that government can’t do anything right, contrary to any facts or evidence. To say that government can’t do anything worthwhile in one breath and scream about the government not doing anything worthwhile in the other goes beyond simple cognitive dissonance. I give credit to Obama for working to combat the problem but it’s likely to be another generation or so before we can kill the perception dead. It’s simply been too ingrained over the past 30 years to fade away quickly.


2 Responses to “What Are The Limits of Ignorance?”

  1. I have really been enjoying your posts Comrade Krawczyk. It’s nice to know there are others….the general rhetoric makes me feel so minimalized most of the time.

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