The (Slowly) Changing Tide

Last night, I was talking to a good friend about the recent flare-up over proposed new settlements in Jerusalem. Benjamin Netanyahu has dug himself in over the row and has been openly defiant of US calls for compromise. I expressed disbelief that all of Israel is on board with the blatant antagonism of the settlement proposal. As it turns out, I was right. The conservatives in Israel (along with their AIPAC allies here in the US), of course, will not take anything less than complete submission to their point of view. However, there is a sizable portion of the populace who can see that continued obstinance only makes things worse.

The most interesting point in the article speaks to the ‘siege mentality’ that Israelis hold. With condemnation of the settlement announcement coming from staunch allies like the US and Britain, some in Israel equate the criticism with an abandonment of their right to exist. This is simply delusional and goes back to what I was saying the other day about fairness. The region cannot function equitably if one country has a different set of rules. For too long, any criticism of Israel’s actions draws the tired accusation of antisemitism. Unfortunately for the Likud and company, it’s becoming a bit like the boy who cried wolf. Calling Israel’s leader out for knowingly throwing sand in the engine of peace is not antisemitic; it’s just telling the truth.

It is encouraging to see push back from the left in Israel. The current row is already responsible for  4 deaths in Gaza and it seems likely, especially given the track record, that more will follow. If Bibi and the right don’t begin to acknowledge that their actions have consequences, then surely it will become even more deadly. It is possible to support Israel while still condemning their entrenched defiance and her allies are completely justified in doing so over this proposal. Slowly, it seems, even Israelis are waking up to this reality.


3 Responses to “The (Slowly) Changing Tide”

  1. I think Bibi is shaking in his boots after HCR because he now understands that O is in it for the long haul and he’ll just wait for a DIFFERENT gov’t with whom to work..

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