Time For Recess

After gaining back a little political capital with the health care bill, President Obama decided to cash in some chits. There’s no doubt that Republicans are going to be apoplectic, but it will be another easily ignored tantrum. Recess appointments are pretty standard fare, even without the levels of obstruction we’ve seen from the GOP. As TPM notes, Bush had racked up the same number at this point and he didn’t have nearly the headaches from the minority. In fact, the only thing that makes Obama’s decision noteworthy is that it took him so long and that he still has 77 nominees being stalled. That’s 77 public servants whose respective duties are on hold until they are seated. It’s amazing that there’s not an outcry from our side on this: Republicans have been able to gum up the works in the Senate almost completely unchallenged, despite the real-world consequences of their actions. To wit, non-functioning government agencies. In 1994, when Newt Gingrich decided to play chicken with President Clinton and shut down the government, the GOP payed a considerable price for their childish antics. I wonder when today’s Republicans, who are more vitriolic and obstinate than Newt could ever have hoped for, are going to pay some sort of price. Must be some pretty lucrative pay-offs in the MSM, is all I’m saying. This should be front page stuff.


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