A Tale of Two Terrorisms

On the one hand, we have Chechnyan separatists killing 38 in twin suicide bombings in the Moscow metro. On the other, we have FBI and ATF raids on a Michigan Christian milita group, Hutaree, that was allegedly planning armed combat against the Anti-Christ. In both, we have violence under the auspices of fundamentalist religion. Luckily, we stopped the wackos in MI from carrying out whatever scheme they had planned before we had a Moscow metro story of our own.

When DHS published a report last year about the rise of right-wing militias, the Republicans blew a gasket. They were being unfairly and politically singled out, they said. Well, what do you have to say about the Hutaree group, guys? It sounds like their justifications align nicely with the beliefs of the GOP these days so arguing that these are ‘Lone Wolves’ might be difficult.

What’s striking about these two incidents is not how different they are but how similar. A group of religious fundamentalists, operating under the delusion that violence is a political option, planned to terrorize authorities to advance their misguided definition of freedom. Leaving aside the very real oppression of Chechnyan independence by Russia, I am at a loss to find breathing room between the two. Except for the fact that one was thwarted and the other wasn’t.

It’s just another reminder that a) terrorism has no singular face and b) religious fundamentalism often leads to killing. I haven’t seen any conservative leadership speak on the raids in MI yet, but I wonder if some of the loonier ones will go so far as to call it politically motivated. “The calls for armed conflict were just satire,” as $arah Palin might put it. I have learned over the past year that holding diametrically opposed propositions against all semblance of logic is de rigeur for the right-wing these days, so I fully expect a condemnation of the Moscow bombing in the same breath as denouncing the FBI raids before long.

My sympathy goes out to the families of innocents killed in Russia today. They didn’t ask to be caught up in a holy war and the cowards who carried out the attack don’t care. They know that spectacle is a powerful tool that transcends racial and geographical boundaries. That’s why Hutaree is especially scary. How many more of the nut-jobs are plotting and planning as I write this? How long will it be before there is no difference between suicide bombings in Moscow and pipe bombings in a DC metro?

Oops, too late. There is already no difference.


2 Responses to “A Tale of Two Terrorisms”

  1. chrislipjournal Says:

    Good entry. Scary situation on all fronts.

    Rob Hanson at Chrislip Journal

  2. Thanks for the kind words. I added your hilarious site to my links, btw. And yeah, these fuckers are completely insane.

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