Ahhhh, Delicious Karma…

Well, this is a fun little anecdote. I forgot I read about this yesterday, so I’ll address it now: ha ha ha ha ha! The bigots can’t seem to read or write well enough to make sure they’re taking freedoms from the right people. I guess that’s what happens when home-schoolers are allowed to write legislation.

Oklahoma has always been bitter rivals with their bigger, sillier neighbor down south, Texas. But accidentally targeting race and religion instead of homosexuality in their misguided attempt to circumvent federal law blows Texas’ accidental banning of marriage out of the water. Maybe paranoid and hateful lawmakers from the two states could have a confab and come up with a law to ban Democrats. They’d end up banning themselves and both would be a lot better off.

Yes, these are the folks I want writing laws for the whole country.

Update: 50th post! Woo hoo!


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