Pretty Tough to Defend

What a huge surprise. It warms my heart that so many people (well, not so many but that’s a different topic) are fighting so hard to defend the right of insurance companies to continue to deliver this ‘best care in the world’ we hear so much about. I guess it does help the bottom line when you don’t have to worry about writing policies for kids with diseases. I mean, obviously, the bottom line is the important part of the health care equation, right?

There likely won’t be many Teabaggers who will admit that if we had started over or killed the bill this would have been standard policy as opposed to a cynical last grab for cash on the backs of sick children. Yes, yes, I know. Now, there are parts of the bill they like and that whole repeal thing is just dog whistle boilerplate to whip up Huratees. Whatever. The truth is, their idea of freedom means allowing things like this to continue apace, with no repercussions. Seems like a one-sided social contract to me, and unfortunately, these vapid screamers have no clue which side they’re on.

Hint: it’s the side that screws American children to make a few more bucks.


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