Good Idea or Pointless Pandering?

I’m not quite sure what to make of this. I suppose if it’s being used as a bone thrown to those who would otherwise have nothing to do with other aspects of energy legislation, then maybe I can see the point. Of course, having pulled almost all my hair out watching the health care debate, I’m pretty sure the right isn’t going to come along on anything the president puts forth, off-shore drilling or no. I think it’s also significant that most of the proposed areas for drilling are off southern coasts, which I’m sure is a bit of a pander to NIMBY-types in the northeast.

I want to see rapid movement in green energy but I’m also realistic. I didn’t freak out over government subsidy of the new nuclear facility in GA because I think nuclear power has lots of potential despite the drawbacks. I guess I’m similarly torn on off-shore drilling. If it’s truly needed as a bridge towards further use of green technology and less oil usage, then fine. However, unlike some, I know Obama is not a flaming liberal radical; he does things from a practical, centrist position. Big Oil is a huge part of the economy and he may very well be placating them in hopes of moving on further regulation of the industry. It’s just a strange move that seems like it will further alienate the left and fail to pick up any on the right.

Regardless of how it shakes out, the real test is going to be seeing if the right-wing who has been demanding this for two years will still support it once they see the derricks go up right off the beautiful shore in their states. Who knows, maybe there’s something to this “eleventy dimensional chess” thing. Anyone know more about the issue who is willing to educate me?


2 Responses to “Good Idea or Pointless Pandering?”

  1. OOH, I’m disillusioned. I’ve been reading too much Mother Jones. I guess I’m a knee jerk liberal. I’m sorry that we have to pander to get things done. Did you ever hear of Black Fox? What will happen to the resultant waste from these plants? Also, what about Chernobyl? That area is still hot after all these years. How depressing that we can only throw money at the corporations that already have too much.

    I’m off my soap box now!

    • Yes, yes, it’s true, nuclear power is still problematic. However, we’ve come a loooong way from Chernobyl (how could I forget THAT?). I mean, even Frenchie France gets most of their energy from nuclear; are we more careless than FRANCE? Wait, don’t answer that.

      In any event, as far as the offshore drilling goes, the main reason it hasn’t really happened up until now isn’t because government was in the way. It’s mostly because there’s just not that much there. Big Oil hasn’t been holding off this long out of consideration for South Carolina’s view of the Atlantic, that’s for sure. I have a feeling this is a big, empty nothing of a story that the Republicans will fall for like moths to a natural gas burn-off flame.

      So, pander it will be. Remember: you may be a knee jerk liberal but Obama sure isn’t. He just played one on TV.

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