Mark Your Calendars!

In what will surely be as momentous an occasion as Pearl Harbor, 9/11, and WWE Summer Slam combined, $arah Palin is set to kick off her most excellent Fox News series, Real American Stories on Thursday. I have been stocking up on Twinkies and Coors Light in anticipation of the beautiful truths that will be revealed by the illustrious trifecta of wisdom: Ms. Mooseburger herself, Toby Keith, and LL Cool J. What mysterious mysteries will be unveiled? How to schmooze a cool $100K for stringing together run-on sentences for an hour? Pouting like a ten-year-old when your crappy peewee football team loses in the championship (me and Toby go way back)? The relevance of “I’m Gonna Knock You Out” in the 21st century? Oh, the places we’ll go!

All I can say is that Barry better get his tele-prompters ready because he’s gonna have to put in serious face-time on the TV to compete with this spectacle.


4 Responses to “Mark Your Calendars!”

  1. You do know your son is now friends with Toby’s son and spends the night over at the Keith Manson.

    • Ha! Awesome. Maybe they can set an example for Toby on how to act like a grown-up.

      • I gotta say, his behavior on the peewee field is one thing. Calling out $arah Palin for re-using an old interview of his and trying to pass it off as new has given me a modicum of new respect for him.

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