Oh, Come On… Really?

So, this story just gets better and better and better! Is there anything real about this grifter? Anything at all?

It was bad enough when LL Cool J announced that he had no idea what the hell Fox was talking about when they promoted the show with him as a guest. It turns out they were planning on just using an old interview, possibly with $arah green-screened in? A clever CGI version of her, ala Jar Jar Binks? It’s really anyone’s guess. Anyway, they politely informed him that the show was, in fact, a huge inspiration to Americans everywhere and he could just go suck it in his crappy community theater or whatever it is he does for a living now.

Guess what happened next! Country music legend and Okie-style Democrat, Toby Keith, is all, “I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about either, Fox!” They were planning on using rehashed interviews of everybody the whole time! Just like Real Americans™! Now, I just can’t believe that the bastions of integrity that own and operate Fox News would ever stoop to deliberately starting feuds with celebrities simply to boost ratings on Ms. Mooseburger’s big night, so what the heck happened? Does it even matter?

(h/t Wonkette & Rumproast)

Nope. It’s just hilarious that she can’t even fail right.


One Response to “Oh, Come On… Really?”

  1. […] speaks to Real America™, so you’d be completely at home. Of course, she’s only using canned interviews so you’d have to suggest a ‘greatest hits’ compilation for her to air in lieu of […]

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