Stand Up and Refuse To Be Counted

So a bunch of whiners who want absolute fealty to the Constitution are refusing to take part in the census, explicitly called for in the Constitution. I can imagine that if you sat down and explained to these folks what the census means in terms of representation, you might be berated for advocating ‘Big Gubmint’ and run out of town. As it stands, the prospect of southern states losing members of Congress based on their non-participation is a sweet little ironic nugget of goodness. It’s all part and parcel of publicly railing against the tyranny of government and then quietly sucking up all the federal dollars you can find. I suppose this is no surprise either. The government is the bane of all freedom-loving Americans everywhere, except when they’re passing out taxpayer cash. Obviously, I have no problem with federal tax distribution, but then again, I don’t hate the government.

I have long argued that Lincoln made a huge mistake in keeping the Union together. If Rick “Good Hair” Perry actually led his fellow Teabagger Texans into the wilderness and seceded, I think we’d find out real quick just how committed they are to “States’ Rights”. It would be hilarious if it weren’t so sad.

On a related note: Crap! I still have to send my census form in! Down with tyranny!


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