John Bolton Will Be the Last American Standing Even if He Has to Kill All of You.

Don’t hold anything back, John. Tell us how you really feel. Why don’t we just nuke the shit out of everyone now? Those pesky “treaties” and “international laws” aren’t as super awesome as our American US Constitution™ and anyway foreigners probably wrote them. Wouldn’t it be wild to see Jack D. Ripper himself run for Leader of the Free World? Every citizen would be issued a Patriot Missile complete with guidance training for defense against Mexicans, the UN, and/or Commies. Iraq and Afghanistan? A smooth glassy spot where stuff used to happen. Would you believe this wacko was our ambassador to the world in some horrible past?

What’s more frightening is that people continue to take him seriously. His moustache alone should preclude him from that.

(via Spencer Ackerman)


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