Mormonland Much, Much Crazier Than First Thought.

Chip, you are exactly right: this is scary shit. I don’t really care what sort of draconian, fundamentalist laws they want to pass in the middle of a salty desert, but they have way too much influence on the direction of the nation. This is wingnut central, sort of like the incubator pods in Alien, and just like the slimy face-suckers, weird twisted creatures keep jumping out and infecting us with their larvae.

“Although it’s easy to scoff at the state’s buffoonish legislators, it would be a mistake to look at their shenanigans, outrageous as they are, and think: it can’t happen here.  Maybe not all of it, but if the Republican base and its Tea Party allies can get their hooks into your state or local government, some of it will come your way, too.  Utah, after all, is where the right wing shows its hand.  Right-wing jihadis get their training in Glennbeckistan and then march off to places like California to battle gay marriage.”

The whole article is worth a detailed read. It is important to keep an eye on the lunatic asylum despite their minority status. If anything, keeping their wacky antics in the spotlight can do wonders for the broader perception of their movement. I can’t believe a broad swath of independent voters are going to line up behind criminalizing miscarriage and despite all the rhetoric, nullifying federal laws isn’t going to happen. However, if plans like this keep gaining traction in the Beehive State, then the vortex of ignorant, batshit insanity might be too great to overcome.


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