RNC Proves My Point About Mormonland

I guess Chip Ward isn’t the only one who thinks Utah is a Teabagger’s dream. Evidently, they’re also considering Phoenix and Tampa Bay so it’s gonna be a desert or a swamp, either way. From the linked article, here’s the money quote:

The venue, adequate hotel space and whether a city has the infrastructure to host the convention are all key criteria that the RNC is looking at as it considers which city to choose.

Funny they didn’t mention the number one criteria: making sure their reservations were booked at the local lesbian bondage strip club. Except this is Salt Lake City we’re talking about here. The only place you’re likely to get lots of women being tied up and forced to submit to their masters is this weird joint. Sure, magic underwear and gingham day-dresses aren’t as hot as leather corsets, but then again you can take home as many as you want!

I mean, isn’t “adequate hotel space and infrastructure” just code for hookers and blow?


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