Sean Hannity Can’t Help Himself

It is possible that Hannity meant something different when he said this, but it’s hard to see how. Basically, he’s just inadvertently telling the truth. Timothy Mcveigh was part and parcel of the rabid right-wing fever sweeping (30% of) the country. I talked about this the other day. I knew it wouldn’t be long before someone made the connection between Mcveigh and patriotism. That Hannity thinks the recent spate of violence and intimidation means “winning the debate” just shows how the right defines debate: agree with us and no one gets hurt.

What makes it so maddening is that these people are willing to kill and die in order to be kept under the yoke of corporate profit motive that works directly against their own economic interests. It’s one hell of a con job St. Ronnie came up with and it looks like its going to have legs for a long time to come.


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