Those Hits Just Keep On Coming

I have a message for all the Republican, Libertarian, “Independent”, or otherwise anti-government commentators out there: you better find a way to dampen these flames before something really, really bad happens. Another War of Northern Aggression™ is not going to end in the establishment of Glennbeckistan; it’s most likely going to end up with your followers in jail. I know that you think your words aren’t consequential but the fact is, they are. They’re riling up scared and angry folks who don’t know that you’re feeding them a load of bullshit. Of course, this friendly warning doesn’t apply to those of you lucky enough to have a propaganda channel to spew your bile; it also applies to all of you toiling away on AM radio.

You might think “Real Americans” agree with your Kristallnacht tactics of politics but I believe you’re operating under a misguided assumption.


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