What’s a Little Show of Force Amongst Patriots?

Nice to see the GOP making efforts to tamp down the violent rhetoric. I suppose if you actually believe that the Obama administration represents a fascist/socialist/communist/ satanic takeover of the country, then advocating a “show of force” isn’t radical, it’s patriotic. And therein lies the problem. Between “Bat-shit” Bachmann accusing black congressmen of lying about racism, Glenn Beck contending that the president hates white people, and an Idaho governor hopeful pushing for militias to keep up the sedition, the GOP have staked a claim to the furthest fringes of the right-wing. They’re trying as hard as they can to establish plausible deniability, but haven’t left themselves much room. It’s pretty tough to argue that “a show of force” means voting.

It will not be much longer before one of the surely thousands of “Lone Wolves” out there decides to up the ante and go for the big spectacle. Projecting racism and treason onto Democrats may play with the base for now, but another OKC bombing would be the death knell for the fringe that’s currently driving the GOP crazy train. Or at least one can dream.


5 Responses to “What’s a Little Show of Force Amongst Patriots?”

  1. I would agree that another OKC bombing style attack would be the “death knell” for the fringe insofar as any form of larger public support or countenance of their actions and cause. On the other hand, an attack targeted at the actual politicians themselves – Obama being a bit of an exception I think – would not evoke the same sort of “backing away” response or condemnation.

    The People are very, very angry. They’re not going to be too upset with anyone who goes after some Senators and/or Congressman as long as they don’t take out a bunch of presumed-innocents in the process.

    • I’m a little taken aback at myself for agreeing with you. And that we’ve come to a point when a possible violent attack on an elected official is looked at – by some- as acceptable and/or necessary. You are correct, though. Look at the lack of condemnation – even agreement by some in congress – with the Austin plane bomber.

      I guess the most frightening thing is the that the sentiment expressed by Mcveigh, et al is inching ever closer to the mainstream. If that amount of radicalization is ever considered seriously less than the fringe, than I’m not sure our system of government will survive. It’s really no better than a tribal warlord-ism as in Somalia or Afghanistan and I’m amazed every day when these nuts don’t realize how close they are to the Taliban or al Quaeda.

    • One other thing on your comment: yes, the people are angry. However, anger does not always lead to violence. I think the ones who are pre-disposed to terrorism have always been angry; they just have a ready-made excuse for their violence now.

    • Our nation was born in revolution and bloodshed; it can survive a bit more of it. In fact, I truly believe that a bit of violence could be good thing since it would instill a bit of personal fear in all too venal hearts of the professional politicians.

      Before you get worried, look around – objectively and openly – at the other democracies in the world. Look at the level of unrest and violence that is normal for them – and I’m just talking about Western Europe!

      We Americans have been very staid and very apathetic about our politics, our culture, and our way of life. That’s changing as Americans wake up.

      • Well, I’m not sure I agree with the inevitability of violence nor the characterization of all politicians as deserving of scorn. On the other hand, it is nice to have someone from the other side of the spectrum make a cogent argument without resorting to ridiculous hyperbole. If anything, we’re on the same page in terms of wanting to see a more engaged populace. Perhaps it won’t take a terrorist act to make that happen.

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