Coburn Misses April Fools By A Week

When I first saw this headline, I thought it must surely be a late April Fools Day prank. As it turns out, the good doctor actually made some reasonable observations to a room full of party faithful. As one of the comments in the linked article noted, Republicans have so thoroughly mangled truth and reality that for many of us, cynicism rather than optimism is the first reaction. Anxiety about a tough race can certainly induce strange behavior in Republicans ( see: Exhibit A). But is there actually a possibility that Dr. Tom is fearing November? Although his Q1 fund-raising is anemic by any standard ($17,000?), it doesn’t seem like he’ll have many obstacles to re-election. If you were a betting person, I’d advise doubling down on Brad Henry not even thinking about challenging Coburn; he may have some positive polling, but Henry’s mealy-mouthed charm would get eaten alive by Coburn’s seasoned machine. The other possibilities — Dan Boren, Brad Carson Redux — all suffer from the eternal paradox: Democrat in OK = Slightly right of Blanche Lincoln nationally. Even if the Okie Dems could mount a succesful campaign, it would just mean another Blue dog in the Senate. Barf. Additionally, as far as I know, Andrew Rice is content where he is in the statehouse, unfortunately for OK and the country.

So, Coburn’s not worried about his job. Is he gonna retire? The statements he made would certainly indicate a guy not worried about pissing off his wack-job base. Were he running in AZ, he would be hung in effigy by now. I’ll keep an eye on whether Glenn Beck calls him out for speaking against the Godhead.

I haven’t even mentioned the possibility that Coburn has actually seen the light, come to his senses and made the first steps toward a new era of debate and respect in our nation political discourse. I mostly didn’t mention it because it’s such a ridiculous idea I can’t even believe it fell out of my head. I suppose when Jim Inhofe starts touting the benefits of carbon-capture and the green economy, we’ll know something’s up. As for Coburn, well… let’s just see how quickly he walks back this unusual burst of sanity before sending him any flowers.


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