Are Okies Really Buying This Crap?

One would think that the memory of a right-wing, anti-government terrorist blowing up a federal building would still be somewhat fresh in Oklahoma’s mind and serve to dissuade this sort of nonsense. Of course, one would be wrong. Not only are these yahoos actually elected officials, they also see no connection between what they are saying and the screeds of Timothy McVeigh. Is the Second Amendment the only part of the Constitution that these Teabaggers have ever read? Never mind, don’t answer that. I’m not even going to get into the ridiculousness of flaunting your guns to protest your guns being taken away. It’s hard to believe that the education system is so bad in OK that people believe this tripe but… boy!

Once again, there is a simple solution to this farce: simply let them have their way. No more federal education grants, highway funding, National Guard units, or energy tax breaks. I’d like to know how all these hypocritical white fatsos will be able to conduct maneuvers if their unemployment benefits dry up. This will be a huge disaster for all the citizens of OK who aren’t drooling nincompoops, but it might be time for a severe wake-up call. These are the leaders you get when you let Joe Bob & Jimbo be the only ones who vote.

Maybe it’s a good thing that Texas will be whitewashing history textbooks for the rest of the country. The Teabaggers obviously can’t remember how the last Civil War turned out for “States’ Rights” so maybe they should give it another shot. Watching these defenders of freedom take on the US military would be awesome! HUTAREEEEEE!!!


3 Responses to “Are Okies Really Buying This Crap?”

  1. AMEN!! If Brogden wins the Gov election, I may have to leave OK. It is truly embarrassing to say that I’m from OK due to the folks that are perpetuating the rhetorical and divisive debacle. But, I just don’t know where to go that would be better!!

    • jacquesdelacroix Says:

      Did you not notice that Thimothy McVey was not prompted by any large numbers, by any grassroot movement such as you are seeing on your screen? (Admittedly, I am a hypocritical white fatso myself.) Your ranting smells of fear. It’s exciting. It encourages me in my evil ways.

      • That “grassroots movement” you’re referring to is bought and paid for by the GOP and Big Business, my friend. My screen shows me a bunch of people who receive lots of benefits from the government, are scared about the changing face of the country and are being manipulated by powerful interests who could really care less about their concerns. The right has convinced a good deal of the electorate to vote against their own economic self interest. It’s pretty incredible, actually.

        And, ol’ Timmy had no help in his little scheme? Riiiiight. For starters, I think you’re forgetting a certain Terry Nichols and Michael Fortier, both convicted and sentenced for being accomplices. Secondly, it’s true no one else was ever indicted but I think the scurrying by the Michigan Militia after Hutaree proves that the violent anti-government forces currently on the rise aren’t hungry for attention. You can’t broadcast your plans for terror and destruction and expect to be ignored. Unfortunately for Teabaggers, they’ve aligned themselves with some pretty fringe groups and their recent attempts to untie the knots aren’t going to be easy.

        I’m also not sure it’s fear you’re smelling. While I don’t condone violence, I understand that it is inevitable. There will be more bloodshed at the hands of the right but I’m certainly not scared of it. I know that REAL Americans (not to be confused with Sarah’s “Real” America) don’t respond well to that sort of thing. You guys aren’t winning any converts in your war on America even as you convince yourselves you speak for the majority. So, by all means, keep it up.

        By the way, did you know taxes are at their lowest point in 60 years? What were you pissed about again?

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