Live From New York! It’s Paladino’s Follies!

Ha ha ha! Carl “Howard Beale” Paladino is running for governor here in NY State. He’s a pretty colorful character, although this year is shaping up to give California a run for its money in the “colorful-characters-for-governor” department. He’s a Tea Party darling who vows to cut everything that’s not nailed down in order to fix NY’s fiscal mess. Pretty sure he’s a die hard “Family Values” champion as well. Did anyone think that there wouldn’t be hilarious muck to rake with this dude?

Personally, I believe we all love a good racist e-mail now and again. I mean, watermelons growing on the White House lawn? Funny and topical (Michelle is growing a garden, dummy)! Obama with a bone through his nose? Almost true because he’s a Kenyan Muslim Fascist and it is a well known fact that all Kenyans receive their nose-bone by the age of 12. Unfortunately for Carl, he liked sending these hilarious e-mails a little too much. Obviously, if a racist e-mail is funny, then a racist e-mail and a bestiality video e-mail is double funny! It just makes good fiscal sense.

But you see, these videos are distractions from the issues and have nothing to do with the candidate’s opinions. Even though he sent them. Nope, it’s just those pesky Democrats again, trying to stifle the freedoms of a regular, horse-fucking-video-loving American. Why do Democrats hate our freedom to have sex with horses and make racist jokes? Vote for Carl and find out. “We’re Mad as Hell Too, Carl (and We Like to Watch Men Having Sex with Horses)” is a pretty catchy yard sign slogan.


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