Tea Party Gun Fetish Ball Goes Off Without a Hitch

Bring the kids, grill some dogs, shoot the hell out of some stuff. Sounds like a fantastic time to me and as a double bonus, you get to help the militia movement rehab their image after the recent kerfuffle over the shooting-all-cops-everywhere-and-battling-the antichrist plan of the Hutaree. Now, I’m sure not all militia members are raving lunatics with underground bunkers and howitzers but some of them are. And those are the ones who generally bring the laughs too. Add the fact that the Michigan Militia is using the Tea Party moniker to prove that it’s about the movement and not the politics, and you’ve got a recipe for ENTERTAINMENT!

Since it took place this last Saturday and there have been no breaking bulletins about craters and explosions in MI, I’ll assume that it was another peaceful Teabagger protest. That would be one in which sadly misinformed and mostly overweight welfare recipients exercise their right to free assembly, free speech, and bearing arms in order to decry the government taking away their freedoms.


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