Tea Party to Shed Tea Party Image

Teabaggers are shocked, SHOCKED, to find that their movement is perceived by everyone except Chuck Norris as completely white and violent. To combat this vicious un-possibility, they are coming out more forcefully against hateful rhetoric and threats against congresspersons. I guess calling for a destruction of the vermin in Washington wasn’t playing too well in Peoria when people started trying to follow through on the insinuations.

Frankly, I’m surprised that the leaders of the Teabaggers got wise so quickly. They’re not generally known for their intellectual comprehension and this move would indicate an evolution (although I know how much they hate that!). I would dare to offer some advice tot he Tea Party rank and file though: your movement is perceived as being white and violent because it is. Maybe you should focus on the core principles before you worry about image management.


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