Excuse Me But There’s Psy Ops in My Tea.

This is an interesting development. I tend to think broadcasting your intentions is a little problematic but I honestly can’t see too many Teabaggers weeding out the plants. I’m not even sure if this is a good idea or not, mostly because it just gives them more fuel to add to the victimization fire. If anything, it shouldn’t be too hard to just infiltrate and document evidence of racism, homophobia, and seditious behavior rather than ginning it up on your own. The civil suits that are sure to follow these types of shenanigans might well drain the coffers pretty quickly. Make sure you’re lawyered up, Crash the Tea Party.

Now, this is obviously only speculation, but I would be surprised if the Feds aren’t already deeply embedded with some of the nuttier factions of the Teabagger movement. As we’ve seen, the positions and platform of these kooks always seems to align with more radical groups in a frightening way. Hutaree may have couched their battle to the death in religious terms, but in their particular fantasy, the Antichrist was directing government forces against them. It’s simply too easy to project nefarious plans on an entity as big as the US government. Law enforcement takes these kinds of things seriously, even if the right wing wails and moans about how unfair it is. We haven’t seen the last of the militia raids, mark my words. If this new group is successful in sowing dissension amongst the Tea Party faithful, then it will be a win for the government just as much as it would be for sanity and rational thought.


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