Mostly Useless Media Whining Again

Give me a break, Dana. Maybe the administration wouldn’t treat you like children if you didn’t constantly act like them. I know it’s tough not getting the fawning attention you so richly deserve but did the possibility ever occur to you that there are more important things about the nuclear summit than making sure the press gets their sound bites for the day? It’s also a little rich hearing you bemoan the dearth of pressers now, considering that when Obama was holding more, you chastised him for over-saturation.

I think the problem has more to do with a completely self-involved media that believes the administration must accommodate them rather  the other way around. Yes, a free press is important. However, the Mainstream Media has abdicated its role as the vaunted Fourth Estate in favor of ratings and the bottom line. When you only care about creating controversy and a “narrative” instead of reporting facts, then it’s only natural that the people you cover will start to take you less seriously. I was ecstatic when ProPublica won their Pulitzer because I think it will be a real wake up call for the traditional media to maybe get their act together.

I understand you’re feeling a little jilted, Dana. Perhaps you can take some time and think about why it is that you find yourself in this situation and what you can do to change. Last I checked, the Obama administration is busy getting things done and not worrying about coddling the press pool. I think you might want to look into that. Whatever you do, just stick to print; your video endeavors only make things worse.


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