Glug Glug Glug

Maybe the oil derricks off the coast of South Carolina are closer than we think. Unfortunately, this will not change the minds of Houston’s energy masters or legions of Hummer-driving douchebags because it came from the military which has a history of saying things right-wingers don’t like. I think it’s great news. We should see what it’s like paying what the rest of the world does for gas. It’s a big reason why we can’t seem to shake our car addiction. If people were forced to forego the car and get out and walk a little bit, everyone would be better off.

I just wish these high speed rail projects would get going. Once people see the convenience, it will be hard to break the fever. Ask any American who visited Europe. It’s kind of hard to believe everyone isn’t wild about this idea but Big Oil does pay a lot of checks so it’s not too surprising. We all deserve access to safe, reliable, public transportation that doesn’t involve sucking on an oily teat every week. Even “hybrids” are problematic, if better than nothing, because they just perpetuate the artificial need for personal transportation. Maybe when we finally start running out, people might change their minds.

Jesus, given how many morons watch cars turn left all day, the country as a whole should have a lot less problem with it.


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