Massa Groped Some Dudes; John Ensign Is Under Federal Investigation

What in the world is congress doing still focused on this guy? I mean, he was busted, he resigned, now he’s back home with the television likely turned off. Why does anyone care how many more sexy-time grope sessions he had and where they took place? Steve Benen wrote about this yesterday and I completely agree. Americans have a penchant for the spectacular and by all accounts, Massa’s flameout was just that. I get why major news outlets are rushing all the salacious new details into print: people want the juicy gossip.

What is so silly is that John Ensign’s story has all the same intrigue plus a healthy spoonful of actually committing crimes. It’s bad enough that the calls for Ensign’s ouster have barely reached a whisper. Even worse is the fact that the press can’t figure out that the story is tailor-made for the tabloid mentality of most Americans. Adultery, hush money, kickbacks, bribes, an FBI investigation… It’s all there. The only explanation is that the MSM has a vested interest in flogging the Massa story while completely ignoring Ensign. I can’t believe it’s a simple case of creating a narrative or lazy journalism. I don’t have the time to dig into the story or the money trail because, well, I’m not a journalist, for one. Some other candidates for the job do come to mind, though.

I suppose it’s all part of a pattern: the GOP flagellates themselves over a Democratic indiscretion, the Democrats freak out and the perpetrator usually resigns, the GOP admits that they have all done the same things if not worse and the GOP keeps their jobs. I freely admit most folks don’t care about this because they don’t know about it. People might start questioning the double standard if the media took the time to point it out. The real burning question is how do we get journalism back on track?

It’s no wonder Dana Milbank has a petulant tantrum when he doesn’t get his way. The major media outlets are staffed by complete brats who can’t quit whining long enough to even do their jobs half-assed.


2 Responses to “Massa Groped Some Dudes; John Ensign Is Under Federal Investigation”

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