Ha Ha Ha, America.

The above-named video is a perfect illustration of the problem laid out by Jeff McMahon over at True/Slant. The one missing piece of the economic puzzle is manufacturing. America has to find a way to become a manufacturing leader again and I’m afraid it might be a moot point before we acknowledge it. The comments at the linked article provide more insight into the issue, with one commenter noting:

“So where are we now? We don’t make consumer products of any kind. We don’t make buses or light rail and if we get around to high speed rail the cars and engines will come from overseas as will any green energy. That is the way the system is set up. We are the largest manufacturing country but not for long. The US produces $1.83 trillion compared to China’s $1.79 trillion. Consider this: In 1990 China produced $143 billion in goods. Another five years and game over.

Now most of these goods are produced for US companies and here is the hilarious part: China does not recognize patents or trade marks so they can cut out the middle man and have. Will Americans care if their TVs say RCA or Chi Mei?”

Exactly. Everyone screams about jobs but our retarded national discourse won’t allow a discussion that might shed light on this, the core issue. We want our shiny, pretty things and we could care less where we get them as long as we have to buy a new one in 6 months. This is part and parcel of the debate over environmental regulation. Sure, the energy industry is happy to make profit from lax labor laws in other countries but that can be changed. I have no doubt that as long as Obama keeps up his pace of legislative victories, we will have real climate laws being passed at some point. The more difficult challenge is convincing America that they need to learn how to build things instead of buy things.


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