Immigration Reform Should Be Loads of Laughs

Teabaggers have had a lot of trouble whitewashing their racist, terrorist members from public view but that task is going to be much tougher for them when the topic changes from health care to immigration. Markos had a good post today on the irony of protesting immigration when it might be the best hope we have for a more egalitarian society. The knee-jerk tribalism that is sure to spew from Tea Party anti-immigration rallies will pay great dividends in the long run for Democrats, which makes it even more funny to wait for the ensuing right-wing vein-popping.

In my view, all who are able should come here and work. If I were a benevolent dictator leader, I’d make us all have to learn the language of our neighbors alongside their learning English; in fact, we should have to teach our neighbors English (although I can see why that might be a bad idea)! In any case, immigration is a good idea, socially and economically. (White) America has seen the writing on the wall and the collective reaction of a few of us is going to be darn entertaining.


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