Tax Day? You Don’t Say!

It’s almost as if the unintelligible wailing from the Teabaggers has no basis in reality. I wonder what would happen if politicos were to start pointing out that this might be at the heart of our budget woes? The right wing would probably collectively spontaneously combust if anyone started mentioning we might need to raise taxes. It’s one more way in which the conservative rhetoric doesn’t stand up under its own logic. If you believe we can lower taxes to zero, start unfunded wars on a credit card, and let Wall Street do whatever it likes to make money, then you can’t worry about the deficit. If, however, you believe the deficit is the end all, be all of society, then you can’t refuse to raise taxes, ever, on anyone. These positions are subject to change on any given day but only when discussed by the GOP. And therein lies the problem. It’s not possible to rationalize with these loons because rational thought doesn’t compute. “Go Back To Kenya” fits much easier on a sign.

Annnd we see once again how easily manipulated Teabaggers’ sensibilities really are. Complaining about your taxes when you’re barely paying anything at all is a bit like protesting the government taking away your guns by flaunting all your legal guns (yeah, I reused a joke. Sue me). There has got to be a way to get the media to hammer this point. I know it won’t be easy but maybe we can convince Justin Bieber to mention it. He always seems to capture the attention of Twitter, whoever the hell he is.


One Response to “Tax Day? You Don’t Say!”

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