Well, Duh.

Is this a surprise to anyone but the Teabaggers themselves, holding their misspelled signs and screaming about freedom or whatever? What’s really sad is that most of these poor saps won’t wake up to reality even when faced with incontrovertible evidence. You say your groups aren’t backed by huge corporations? Well, the huge corporation that’s bankrolling most of the screeching mobs today freely admits they fund Tea Party groups, even though they say that somehow proves they have nothing to do with the Tea Party groups. I know, it’s confusing as hell, trying to keep up with the spin.

Or what about the Teabagger messiah, manboypig himself, Glenn Beck? Oh ho! It turns out he had quite a wonderful fiscal year pocketing all that dough from gullible, misguided fools who think he could actually give two craps about actual governance or policy.

So, go ahead and laugh it up, you suckers. You’re likely out of a job, but don’t let that stop you from buying Beck’s new “novel” or tuning into $arah Palin’s new reality show (which is totally not about the paycheck, you betcha)! If there’s anything American culture has taught us, it’s that millionaires always act out of interest for the little guys.


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