One of the Parties Takes Financial Reform Seriously. Guess Which One?

Hopefully, this will be the first of many exercises in authority that the SEC has up its sleeve. The gridlock that keeps DC from doing anything meaningful about Wall Street’s excesses seems to be cracking just a little. Of course, I’m of the opinion that this should have been one of the first moves after Obama took office but cases like this take time to build. I also differ with the Teabaggers in that I think propping up our financial system was the right move, no matter how unpopular it might have been. All indications are that taxpayers are getting a pretty good return on investment though you likely won’t hear too much about it in the MSM. It’s also not surprising in the least to hear Frank Luntz’s advice taken to heart by the GOP, despite its disconnect from facts on the ground. Developments like this will hopefully lead to a confidence that the government can work for the people, at least when it’s run with competence. When every single GOP senator is opposed to reform legislation, I’m inclined to think it’s a good idea.

As we get nearer to the circus that is midterm elections, prognosticators are forecasting a Republican resurgence. Democrats are doing a good job tying the failures of Wall Street to Republican rule for the past decade and it’s heartening to see them grow a spine about calling the GOP out on their obstruction. The fact is, Obama stopped a recession from becoming a depression, is getting the taxpayers’ money back at a record pace, and is making steps to significantly reform the way the financial system operates. We all know that reality has very little to do with our national debate but the argument against Obama’s accomplishments on the economy are getting harder and harder to sustain. Even if the recovery takes a bit longer then we’d like, its progress in a year should be enough to blunt a full-fledged Republican assault in the Fall. I’ll give them credit for trying to confuse America with a windstorm of bullshit and mostly succeeding but I think the tipping point is not that far off. A house of lies necessarily crumbles of its own weight eventually and lying seems to be the only weapon in the right-wing’s arsenal.


4 Responses to “One of the Parties Takes Financial Reform Seriously. Guess Which One?”

  1. jjoshuajj21 Says:

    Well,… after you (enlarge) and see this, you will have a whole new outlook on this world, and those who run it,… really >>>> <<<<

  2. jjoshuajj21 Says:

    Sorry,… for these modern times, numbers and calculations are what people believe-in; so,… there exists a numerical CODE in the Bible, and all major events are contained therein, including Wall Street corruption, and reform. These Secrets are now revealed!

    • I once found a secret code in the Bible to predict stocks, but Hassidic Jews and the Government came after me and I had to drill a hole in my head to forget the code. True Story.

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