Two Steps Straight, One Step Gay

Lots of people harp on the president for abandoning the gays. Lt. Dan Choi was arrested for protesting the administration’s actions regarding DADT. However, despite the LGBT community’s previous chastisement of Obama, they have to be happy with this decision. It could be the most forceful move yet in Obama’s slippery approach to transgender equality.

Some time ago I remarked to a friend during a discussion that the struggle for gay rights is no different than any other societal battle: in the end, truth wins out. There might very well be bloodshed and tragedy before real change is enjoyed, true. Yet the end result is a stronger, more enlightened species. I consider myself to be a healthy mix of optimism and pissed the hell off, but I think life trumps all other concerns. Our squabbling over finicky sexual orientation will look mighty silly in 200 years when we’ve either blown each other to bits or we’ve made a momentous evolutionary leap forward. Even DADT is slowly going the way of the dodo. Activists need to remember that every day is a new challenge and they all count. The march for equality may not be sprinting along as fast as you’d like but it isn’t exactly loping either.


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