What He Said…

Ha Ha. I said yesterday that somebody should be pointing out how little Teabaggers actually pay in taxes, just to make their heads spin. That it happened to be Obama who did is just icing on the cake. The article once again illustrates just how cool, calm, and collected he is, even if he occasionally needs a little nicotine to stay that way. You know there’s going to be some on the right who will hear this and continue to spout the same garbage about what a burden taxes are. That’s ok. Facts are stubborn things, more stubborn even than Teabaggers’ tenacity, and I have a hunch that this might give at least a few some pause. Because it was the president, this statement is bound to be parroted a bit more in the media than if it came from some pundit. Which is exactly what needs to happen.

Reality itself undermines the whole Tea Party raison d’etre. I understand that a majority of Americans don’t have time right now to pay close attention to politics. However, this is a sound bite guaranteed to get through to a few fence-sitters. In effect, Obama is calling the anti-government crowd out in a reasoned, factual way. They probably will respond with a pipe-bomb or something. It’s very similar to the terrorist in Austin who flew his private plane into an IRS building. Remember that he was upset because his tax-dodge scheme didn’t work and he got audited. A perfect example of the inanity of Teabagger demands. It is only a matter of time before the gap between their fascist fantasy and the actual social democracy we inhabit will be so large that no one takes them seriously. I reached that point as son as they started crying; I wonder how long it will take for the rest of the country?


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