Got Your ID On You, Boy?

I realize that the half-wits who cooked up this law (sorry about the link to Fox) were aiming to round up all the Messicans and send them directly to jail. Unfortunately, I don’t think any of them understand what an affront to liberty and justice this is. An LA Cardinal even compared it to Nazism. While that rhetoric is used far to often these days, it’s the first time yet that there might actually be some merit in the analogy. Can you imagine a scenario where a cop stops you on the street and if you don’t have ID they can arrest you, even if you’ve done nothing wrong? Proponents are sure to argue that such a law would only effect illegal immigrants who don’t even have a SS number to give. However, that automatically assumes that cops will only be stopping people who might be (or even just look) Hispanic, which in and of itself is insane. In fact, this is just a small step towards a complete police state where each and everyone of us is required to be carrying government issued ID wherever we go, plain and simple. John McCain spent five years in a POW camp protecting our freedom from this kind of totalitarian law, so I’m sure he’s virulently opposed, right? Oops, never mind. Apparently, he now thinks illegal immigrants are intentionally causing accidents on highways.

This is the problem with the far right in a nutshell. Legislation ostensibly written to apply to immigrants because of fear and hatred inevitably butts up against constitutionality and there won’t be any sort of pushback from the right who love to scream about the constitution because they just can’t fathom that it could also be applied to them. They themselves came up with this unconstitutional monstrosity, yet are happy to accuse anyone who can’t quote the 2nd Amendment verbatim as ignoring the founders’ intent. It’s just madness. Their cries of “Read the Constitution!” were noticeably silent as the Bush administration slowly dismantled rights across the board, starting with the PATRIOT Act, and there will be similar silence over this. The truth is, right wing wackos only like the parts of the constitution they agree with. I sincerely hope the governor of AZ, Jane Brewer, comes to her senses if this bill makes it to her desk. If not, I’m sure the Supreme Court would be interested in such a blatant violation of civil rights.


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