Oklahoma Senate Wants to Rape Women to Stop Abortion

I’ve been following this story for some time and back when it was ruled unconstitutional over a technicality, I shuddered, knowing they would bring it back. Well, they did today. It’s absolutely unbelievable. According to the legislation, getting an abortion will now require an invasive vaginal ultra-sound. In layman’s terms, any women who wants an abortion will now have to have a medical devise inserted into her vagina, against her will. Awesome State Sen. and all around hero, Andrew Rice said it best:

“You’re going to force someone to undergo an invasive medical procedure,” objected state Sen. Andrew Rice, D-Oklahoma City, who voted against the bill. “You have to invasively put an instrument inside the woman. This could be your 15-year-old daughter who was raped.”

Absolutely correct, Andrew.

But wait! The fun doesn’t stop there! Before we even get to the state-sponsored rape, the woman will have to fill out a detailed questionnaire covering every aspect of her life before she has the procedure. So we get invasion of privacy and invasion of the body in one fell swoop. Classy. Don’t forget that the ultimate plan is to ultimately shame the women by posting the details of the forms online. That last bit wasn’t included in this round, but you can be sure they’ll be resuscitating it in the future (it is still a part of the bill).

According to the above AP article, these bills, if signed by Gov. Brad Henry, would make the laws against abortion in OK the strongest in the country. Pro-lifers are sure to point to that as a net positive. “See,” they’ll say, “we want to stop abortion in our state and this bill does that!” Except it won’t. No matter how much old, fat, white men want to stop women from having control over their own decisions and bodies, it’s not going to happen. Women will still have abortions. The difference would be that this law would force them to be raped by a doctor, detail their personal life before the procedure, be subject to harassment and ridicule once the form is posted publicly, shove the abortion providers either underground or out of state for fear of reprisal, and generally make it much more deadly to have one. For a group that cries crocodile tears every time the government so much as thinks about regulating privacy, this sure seems like an overstep of authority. Notice there is no similar law dealing with pre-natal care for young, unwed mothers, no financial assistance for single moms, no focus on the root causes of poverty and education that underly abortion, etc., etc. What a bunch of hypocritical asshole men. I’ll be waiting for the inevitable court challenges.

It’s been said before, but it bears repeating: if you are against abortion, don’t have one. It’s just that simple.

Update: Just a little trivia for those who want to stop abortion and are also opposed to universal health care.

Update II: Sadly, I was mistaken earlier. It turns out posting personal details of the questionnaires is still very much part of the legislation.


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