Lieberman’s Powers Only Work on Democratic Presidents

Guess who finally found out that as Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, he has the power to investigate White House actions? Joe “Droopy Dog” Lieberman, that’s who! Because lying to take the US to war against the wrong country, spying on Americans without warrants, and leaving a city to drown while the President eats cake aren’t really that important, you see. What really matters is information about a nutjob who snapped and shot up an army base. What’s that you say? Wouldn’t releasing this material hurt the government’s prosecution of Nadal Hassan? Well, probably. But that just means you don’t understand the finer points of senatorial oversight!

Just to be clear, during his tenure as chairman of this committee, the point of which is to investigate wrongdoing, he took a pass not only on the things listed above but also the following: secret meetings between then-VP Cheney and Big Oil, Abu Ghraib, Pentagon cover-ups of Blackwater killings, outing an undercover CIA operative (which is technically treason), the stripping of Habeas Corpus rights, destruction of White House e-mails, falsifying intelligence to bolster a case for war, attempting to strong-arm the Attorney General to sign off on breaking the law, and secretly crafting memos that allowed the use of torture. Mind you, these are just the things I could think of off the top of my head! But ol’ Joe couldn’t bothered to investigate any of that. Not even a hearing!

Psst, Harry? I’m beginning to think that maybe Joe isn’t truly with us on everything but the war. Call it a hunch.

(via Steve Benen)


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