Not Content with Rape, OK Leg. Now Wants OK Doctors to Lie

I don’t have a lot of time for blogging right now, but this is so insane that I just had to get it out there. Down in OK, where you’ll remember they just over-rode Gov. Henry’s veto (nice try, Brad) of the draconian abortion legislation and made it law. Well, now there’s new legislation that makes it impossible for a woman to sue a doctor who has withheld information about a fetus’ birth defects.

In case you don’t quite get it: if a doctor in OK doesn’t believe in abortion, and thinks a family might go for that option if the baby will be born with birth defects, the doctor can just not tell the family about the birth defects. Of course, then the woman can do absolutely nothing about it once the baby is born. No consequences for the doctor, nothing. So, they are requiring doctors to perform a vaginal ultra-sound (rape with medical instrument) on any women who wants an abortion, they require women to submit personal details to the government, and they can lie about a baby’s health and get away with it.

For a crowd who wants the government off their backs, they sure don’t mind sticking it everyone’s else’s uterus. Disgusting.


3 Responses to “Not Content with Rape, OK Leg. Now Wants OK Doctors to Lie”

  1. Amen!!! I was saying the same thing to your Dad this morning. Great liberal minds think alike. I told someone today that the fundamentalists have taken over the legislature but they said no. The fundamentalists have taken over the state. IS THIS A GREAT STATE OR WHAT!!!

  2. geoff, don’t you see? restricting abortion keeps those crazy women from making decisions on their own and consequently potentially questioning the patriarchy. women are only celebrated on the right for following, without question, the dictates of conservative subjugating values.

    as weaker vessels, they ought to be protected by the men god deemed to be heads of the families. authority, etc. ugh.

    I’d love for you to take on the arizona immigration situation. it’s looking pretty grim around here.

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