Gubmint Bad! Except When There’s An Oil Spill?

Over at the Daily Beast, Bush and Bono flack Mark Mckinnon shows us how a disaster should be done, Karl Rove style. See, it’s all about the PR! Because that’s what Bush was worried about when he finally realized society was breaking down in the Superdome. It’s the comments, though, that really get fun. Somehow, all the same people who would storm Congress (if they got off their La-Z-Boys) because the goddamn federal government is on their backs are now in a tizzy because the federal government didn’t respond “fast enough”.  Hilarious.

What’s even more ridiculous is that the claim isn’t even true. BP told the administration it had the spill under control but it turns out the MMS was in bed with BP and everyone else and all the rules were bent a little askew, especially when it comes to. Were I a journalist of any sort, I might wonder just who hired those sex-crazed employees over in Interior. Anyway don’t worry because, as the final sentence in the AP article says:

“MMS workers were given upgraded ethics training.”


The fact is, McKinnon and Brownie know full well it was their Oil Men bosses who allowed this to happen by nixing an acoustic shut-off valve that most of the world uses because it cut into profits simply by complaining to MMS, which was given free reign during the Bush years. John Boehner even got into the act, making sure nobody thought he was going actually raise the cap on damages until all the facts were in. Brownie having the gall to compare this spill to Katrina and blame the government is another perfect example of Republicans’ approach to power: say the government doesn’t work then get elected and prove it. When the administration discovered BP’s numbers didn’t jibe, then they stepped in. There was no delay. But I bet you’re going to hear a lot of that word heading into the weekend. I’d think Boehner, Brownie, Bush, et al might be feeling a little funny about bringing up Katrina but that would assume shame and I’m not sure they think they did anything wrong.


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