Not That They’ll Shut Up Now, But…

Chalk up another entry into the “these people have no idea why they’re angry” category. As you may know, the “TEA” in “TEA Party” ostensibly stands for Taxed Enough Already. However, I wouldn’t suggest waiting for a reasoned apology from that crowd. Much like their silence on reforming Wall St., this pesky fact completely shatters their fantasy world so it has to be ignored.

In any normal reality, moderately educated citizens could objectively look at the rhetoric coming from the Teabaggers versus the facts about how much taxes they actually pay and come to a pretty easy conclusion: they’re all full of shit. They say they’re mad about paying through the nose when almost the exact opposite is true. Unfortunately for the country, we’re not comprised of moderately educated citizens. Not to mention that we have a corporate controlled media that won’t be trumpeting this story because it messes with the narrative that 4% of the population is a widespread movement.

If the BP Oil disaster has Republicans in congress calling for more drilling, I’m sure hard data about taxes won’t shut the Teabaggers up either. At least now you, my esteemed readers, can rebut their facile arguments with truth. You’re welcome.


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